Arugula: also known as Rocket, is a green leaf lettuce with a truly distinct, if somewhat bitter, flavor. Enjoyed by many since before the legionnaires of ancient Rome marched out to conquer the known world; it is still a favorite throughout Italy where it is enjoyed both hot and cold.

Baby Field Greens: a mixture of several baby leaves of various salad greens available prepackaged at your grocers and in bulk at some health food stores.

Baby Spinach: baby leaves of tender plants pre-packaged at your Supermarket.

Belgian Endive: a spear-like salad ingredient of white flesh shading to a pale yellow green, somewhat bitter in flavor. Is a wonderful addition to mixed salad greens when cut up, works well as a bed for main dish salads or used as a scoop with a dip.

Bib, Boston or Butter Lettuce: is a tender plant with large leafy heads and an even green coloring. When the stalk is scratched it will indicate its flavor – a sweet or bitter smell means sweet or bitter flavor. Great for sandwiches, it is often used in salads or as a bed for other salads.

Fiddlehead Ferns: a curly spring green with firm unfurled leaves is found only in early spring. Tender when only a few centimeters long. Once they begin to unfurl their leaves they are no longer edible.

Frisee: a curly lettuce with firm leaves. The plant has a white stem long narrow leaves the edges of which are deeply feathered with curling tips which shade to green or red.

Green Leaf: a tender leafy plant with green leaves.

Iceberg or Millefleur : a head lettuce made up of crisp overlapping leaves, which are slightly looser near the exterior and progressively tighter towards the heart. Iceberg lettuce looks like a large light green cabbage, becoming increasingly pale towards the center.

Radicchio: a crisp red salad ingredient from the cabbage family.

Red Leaf: tender leafy lettuce with leaves that shade from dark green to red.

Romaine: a more crisp and sturdy leafed lettuce, popular in Caesar salads.