smoked eggplant pasta

Smoked Eggplant Pasta

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Smoking the eggplant on the grill before you dice it provides depth to this hearty dish. Grill the eggplant with skin on until it has a smoky scent. You… Read More »

Raw Vegan Chicken Salad Recipe

Not Chicken Salad – Raw

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Raw food is becoming more popular as people experience the benefits of this lifestyle. The number of vendors that make and sell raw foods at our local farmer’s… Read More »

red onions at farmers market

Ingredient Spotlight: Onions

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When the onion sits in the field, it raises its green shoots up toward the sun to drink in all those golden rays and perform it magical photosynthesis…. Read More »

vegan coleslaw recipe | | Healthy Veggie by Liz Diamond

Coleslaw – Vegan

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This coleslaw recipe calls for plain vegan yogurt but for fun can use lemon, lime or peach to add a bit of zest. If you use a flavored… Read More »

blue cheese burger vegetarian recipe

Blue Cheese Veggie Burger With Onion Rings

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An American favorite… a good, satisfying burger. I have some excellent recipes for making your own veggie burgers and, yes, making your own is always better. However, I… Read More »

Eggless Ginger Pumpkin Cake Recipe by Liz Diamond at

Ginger Pumpkin Cake – Eggless

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Are you looking for the fragrance of Fall, accented with spice in your vegetarian kitchen? Look no further. This is the perfect expression of Autumnal joy in a… Read More »

vegetarian quiche

Carrot Coriander Tofu Quiche – Vegan

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An exceptional dairy-free quiche and a superb do-ahead delight for brunches, buffets and Sunday night suppers. These also freeze well, so make two and freeze one for unexpected guests…. Read More »

All About Lettuce by Liz Diamond at

Spotlight Ingredients: Varieties of Lettuce

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Arugula: also known as Rocket, is a green leaf lettuce with a truly distinct, if somewhat bitter, flavor. Enjoyed by many since before the legionnaires of ancient Rome… Read More »

vegan kabob and curry quinoa

Kabobs over Curry Quinoa – Vegan

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Summer  time means BBQing! Kabobs can be made under the broiler, but grilling enhances that rich smoky flavor. We’ve experimented with grilling everything from Soy Chicken to pizzas…. Read More »

grilled padron peppers recipe

Grilled Cajun Padron Peppers

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Grilled Padron Pepper make a great side for southern, Mexican and bean dishes. We  love to grill them to spice up our dinners. Best to buy them  in… Read More »